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Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 18:00
Arnulfstr 97
80634, München, Deutschland

Dear colleagues and friends!

We thank you for choosing the products of SonneX trademark. Taking a decision about buying a solarium or a collagenarium, you have, without doubt, studied all the technical nuances of the equipment, compared different models and made a forecast of recoupment. Not small importance, indisputably, was attached to performance by the manufacturer of the warranty and post–warranty obligations, the professionalism of dealers and consultants. And you have not made a mistake!

SonneX is a united team of designers and engineers, scientists and managers, real masters of their craft. The products of SonneX trademark, founded in Germany in the year 1929, are standards in their segment, maintaining with pride the consumers’ trust to the unsurpassed German quality, which has formed during years.

Manufacture of solaria and collagenaria, lamps for solaria and accompanying products, performed in cooperation with such giants of the industry as OSRAM, Canada, and Cosmedico, Germany, international certification of manufacture by ISO 9001 system and of products by CE system, have brought tremendous success to SonneX trademark on the European market.

The central office of SonneX on sale of products in Western Europe is situated in its very heart. Employees of company will be glad to answer your questions from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00. the enterprise works according to the schedule of workdays and holidays, established by the official calendar of Germany.

Also you will be able to apply to the official dealer in your region about buying the products of SonneX trademark.

With respect,

Ürgen Mann

executive director of SONNEX Gmbh