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SonneX electronic ballasts

SonneX electronic ballasts

SonneX electronic ballasts are high–technology equipment, designed specially to raise the operational, technical and economic characteristics of SonneX magnum solaria and collagenaria.

SonneX electronic ballast is intended for control of two ultraviolet lamps.

And it possesses the following advantages:

  • Increase of luminous efficiency of UV lamps by 15%.
  • Prolongation of the service life of the lamps by 30%.
  • Decrease of electricity consumption by 30%.
  • No need to replace starters every time, when ultraviolet lamps are replaced.
  • Broad working temperatures range — from -30°C to +50°C.
  • High power factor — 0.95-0.99 (lowering of electrical network load currents at the expense of decreasing the reactive component to zero values).
  • Lowering of the luminous flux flickering index by 5% (it complies with the most severe European norms).
  • Absence of hum and noise during work.
  • Automatic switching off of ultraviolet lamps, which have failed.
  • Broad range of input voltage — from 190 to 240 Volt.
  • Raised operation reliability (the service life of SonneX electronic ballasts equals 100,000 hours).
  • Low interference level (an important parameter in case of presence of other high–precision equipment, especially in public health institutions).
  • High electromagnetic compatibility.