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SonneX Lux Diamant

12 х 250

SonneX Lux Diamant is a sensational vertical solarium in a new shape!


  • incredibly quick and strong tan, the maximal duration of a tanning session is 5-10 min.
  • connection to a standard 230 Volt socket
  • energy consumption is 3 kW
  • vanguard slim design, with the thickness of the solarium only 13 cm and the width 84 cm.
  • installation in any room during 20 minutes
  • the body of the solarium is of cast aluminium and alloyed steel, a 10–year guarantee is given for the body
  • 12 SonneX 250 VHR ELECTRONIC by Cosmedico ultraviolet lamps 2 metres long with extreme power
  • Küra acrylic glass of Premium class with increased strength, with protective sprayed coating 8 mm thick
  • noiseless ventilation system
  • protection against children, an ideal solution for use at home
  • 15 years of faultless operation without replacement of any electronic components for a family of 3 persons!