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SonneX magnum 230 DUO

SonneX magnum 230 DUO

52 х 230

SonneX magnum 230 DUO - is a new sensational renovated model of the vertical solarium, which is intended exclusively for commercial use in tanning salons outside the EU.

SonneX magnum 230 DUO solarium - is a splendid combination of the housing of high–quality plastic with finish of polished aluminum and stainless steel, and of the flawless classical shape of the solarium with the innovative cooling and air blowing system.

The distinctive peculiarities of SonneX magnum 230 DUO solarium:

  • equipment of the solaria with class B superpowerful inductive ballasts Cosmedico RL with the guaranteed lamp switching period of 1-2 seconds is envisaged for models SonneX magnum 230 DUO (compatible exclusively with ultraviolet lamps SonneX 230 VHR by Cosmedico)
  • SonneX magnum 230 DUO solaria line is regularly equipped with Cosmedico Cosmostar starters, which do not require periodical change
  • 52 ultraviolet lamps SonneX 230 VHR 3.6% by Cosmedico. The lifetime of the lamps is 1000 hours!
  • superpowerful ventilation with 3900 cubic meter in hour capacity
  • axial conditioning of a tanning person during a tanning session
  • solarium housing is of high–quality light–diffusing, stuff–dyed plastic
  • diagonal stabilization system provides remarkable stability for the solarium
  • mirror floor
  • remote control panel with memory and IDE control functions
  • possibility of connection of a PC
  • high–quality audio system with X-Bass function