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SonneX magnum COLLAGEN 44 Collagenarium

SonneX magnum COLLAGEN 44 Collagenarium

Collagen lamps + hyaluronic acid work in a team!

Skin rejuvenation has become reality!

SonneX magnum COLLAGEN 44 is a splendid contemporary collagenarium, equipped with 44 Cosmedico COLLAGEN Pro Beauty lamps of 230 Watt power.

SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium impresses imagination with the luxurious combination of the housing of high–quality plastic with the finish of polished aluminum and stainless steel.

The collagenarium electronic ballasts control system and 44 powerful Cosmedico COLLAGEN Pro Beauty lamps of 230W provide sensational rejuvenation of cialis 20mg skin unseen before!

  • The soft red eradiation with a wave length 600-640 nm of SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium stimulates production of collagen, elastin and biological enzymes in an organism, and it exerts smoothing influence on skin.
  • Photobiostimulation of the deep layers of skin with SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium speeds up metabolism, creating a noticeable lifting effect on the skin surface, especially around the eyes and lips, and in the low neck area.
  • The quantity of wrinkles decreases significantly, and elastic, smooth, fresh, young and healthy skin calls forth admiration of the people around after a 10–session course of rejuvenation in SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium!
  • Attention! A special high–quality system of hyaluronic cream and gel–hydro concentrate is supplied optionally for each SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium.
  • Hyaluronic cream and gel–hydro concentrate, which is supplied for SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium, is an ultramodern development by European scientists, based on the latest achievements in the spheres of molecular physics and microbiology.
  • Under the influence of soft red light waves from SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium hyaluronic acid penetrates skin smoothing out and filling tiny wrinkles from inside. Owing to the combination of highly concentrated low–molecular hyaluronic acid with a coat and without a coat and of the pink lamp eradiation in the 600-640 nm band, the procedure of skin rejuvenation in the SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium brings prominent positive results.

  • Use of the special high–quality system of moisturizing hyaluronic cream and gel–hydro concentrate in combination with collagen light therapy intensifies generique cialis strongly the rejuvenating effect of collagen and favours quick smoothing of wrinkles.
  • Like all the apparatuses for tanning and skin care of SonneX magnum line, SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium is equipped with the last generation electronic ballasts with a microprocessor control system insensitive to voltage steps. SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium will provide sensational skin rejuvenation at any voltage in the network. SonneX magnum Smart collagenariumsolarium is equipped with a mirror floor and a high–quality audio system as a standard.
  • The skin rejuvenation procedure passes in SonneX magnum COLLAGEN collagenarium at a comfortable temperature and it does not require additional removal of warm air out of the room.