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SonneX magnum Smart 28

SonneX magnum Smart 28

Connection to an ordinary 230V socket!

Novеlty — an ultramodern vertical solarium SonneX magnum Smart.

SonneX magnum Smart is an innovatory solarium working from an ordinary socket! This a real break–through! Now there is no need to connect to new power sources, 230 V will be quite enough for excellent work of SonneX magnum Smart!

SonneX magnum Smart has the classical irreproachable style, inherent in the whole new line of installations for artificial tanning and skin care SonneX magnum.

The distinctive peculiarities of SonneX magnum Smart:

  • The spacious booth of SonneX magnum Smart solarium gives a feeling of complete freedom and comfort.
  • Like the flagship of magnum line SonneX magnum 230 solarium, SonneX magnum Smart is equipped with a professional cooling and air blowing system.
  • 28 lamps 2 metres long SonneX 230 VHR ELECTRONIC 3,6% by Cosmedico guarantee strong, stable and safe, comfortable tan.
  • SonneX magnum Smart solarium is, without doubts, the leader in the world market in the section of solaria connected to 230 V sockets.
  • SonneX magnum Smart solarium is equipped with a mirror floor and a high–quality audio system as a standard.
  • SonneX magnum Smart is a wonderful solarium, in which the beauty and power of a professional model are united with the comfort and versatility of an innovatory solarium connected to a 230 V network.