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Cleansing agents and disinfectants for solaria and medical equipment SonneX-CLEAN is a disinfectant in the form of a liquid concentrate, which contains a mixture of quaternary ammonium compounds and tertiary amines in the capacity of active base. It contains no alcohol.

SonneX-CLEAN preparation is recommended for disinfection of SonneX solaria and collagenaria.

SonneX-CLEAN does not lead to blushing and worsening of the UV light transmission ability of acrylic glasses in SonneX solaria and collagenaria.

Attention! Use of agents, not recommended by the manufacturer, for disinfection and cleansing of SonneX equipment causes damaging of acrylic glasses and loss of the factory warranty on the equipment.

Product form: hermetically sealed 100 ml bottle.

Method of application: dissolve the content of the bottle in lukewarm water without admixtures in concentration 1:10

Time of action: less than 1 minute.

Advantages of SonneX-CLEAN:

  • Double action of SonneX-CLEAN during a short time of exposure: High–quality disinfection + deep cleansing.
  • Broad range of activity of SonneX-CLEAN: bacteria (including colon bacillus, blue pus bacillus, staphylococcus aureus, agents of tuberculosis, legionellosis, listerosis, salmonollosis), fungi (including yeast, mold fungus, black mold), viruses (including hepatitides В and С, HIV, bird influenza).
  • SonneX-CLEAN contains no aldehydes, phenols, active chlorine.
  • SonneX-CLEAN absorb and retain dirt well.
  • SonneX-CLEAN is excellently compatible with different materials (glass, organic glass, rubber, metal, polymer materials).
  • SonneX-CLEAN does not require washing off, and it leaves no traces.
  • SonneX-CLEAN has light lemon smell.
  • SonneX-CLEAN can be used in presence of clients.