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SonneX ultraviolet lamps

SonneX ultraviolet lamps SonneX ultraviolet lamps

SonneX ultraviolet lamps are manufactured in compliance with the highest world standards ISO 9001 and have European certificate CE, and a line of regional certificates. The distinctive peculiarity of the design of SonneX ultraviolet lamps by Cosmedico is the unique VHR technology.

All the SonneX lamps by Cosmedico are attributed to the lamps of the premium segment on the world market of professional artificial tanning equipment. In many aspects this is favoured by:

  • a shorter tanning session time;
  • wonderful tan characteristics owing to the unique balance between the spectral composition and the eradiated power;
  • economical lamps with a bigger lifetime;

The quality of any product is laid at the premanufacturing stage yet. Cosmedico selects viagra best buy only the best raw materials for SonneX lamps: luminophor and glass housings are an object of strict control of the quality of the equipment and the nature friendliness of the manufacturing process.

VHR lamps are the latest design of the research laboratory Cosmedico. It is known, that light emission in a lamp is due to the glow discharge between the electrodes of a lamp, which are springs of a special shape and size. A metal disk, which serves a protection against overheating of the ends of a lamp, is attached to the electrode mounting socket in VHR lamps. Such arrangement of a lamp influences the discharge, which appears between the electrodes; it is exactly this, which allows to use the possibilities of artificial light most effectively.

SONNEX and COSMEDICO GmbH are pleased to inform our customers about new UV lamps extreme power. To date, in accordance with specifications and UV-source, these lamps - the most powerful lamps 2 meters on the market. UV lamps "SonneX 230 VHR ELECTRONIC 3.6% by Cosmedico" designed to interface with the electronic and inductive ballasts Cosmedico 180-250 watts power, have the highest level of UVA and 3,6% UVB.

All solariums SonneX magnum is fitted with the new UV lamps "SonneX 230 DUO by Cosmedico" and "SonneX 230 VHR ELECTRONIC 3.6% by Cosmedico". UV lamps "SonneX 230 VHR ELECTRONIC 3.6% by Cosmedico" developed by Cosmedico specifically for solariums SonneX magnum with electronic and inductive ballasts have a lifetime of 1000 hours, manufactured using a patented VHR in Germany.

Solariums SonneX magnum with ultraviolet lamps "SonneX 230 VHR ELECTRONIC 3.6% by Cosmedico" provide the highest quality and durability of sunburn.

The electronic and inductive ballasts and SonneX ultraviolet lamps by Cosmedico, used in SonneX solaria, are thoroughly selected to each other on the basis of technical and operational characteristics. Furnishing ultraviolet lamps, not recommended by the manufacturer, without SonneX by Cosmedico marks, as parts of SonneX solaria may cause not only worsening of tan quality, but failure of expensive equipment too.

Attention! Installation of ultraviolet lamps, made by other manufacturers, which have no SonneX marks, and not recommended for mating with electronic ballasts, into SonneX magnum solaria entails loss of the factory warranty.